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  • ; (Universidad de Piura, 2012-05-01)
    Este artículo desarrolla los objetivos conceptuales de las competencias profesionales y el origen y la evolución del concepto. Los resultados de esta investigación se presentan a través de cinco modelos de competencias ...
  • ; ; (Universidad de Piura, 2012-10-29)
    This work aims to visualize the structure of research around professional competences through social network analysis of its research literature, taking into account the relationships among the authors who have written on ...
  • ; (Universidad de Piura, 2013-10-10)
    The emerging paradigm of skills has been studied from different disciplines, it has generated a broad universe of research literature regarding competences: work and executive competencies, but there is not necessarily ...
  • ; (Universidad de Piura, 2011-07-08)
    At the World Summit on the Information Society (2003 and 2005) defines ICT as the main tools to generate the necessary knowledge to achieve the development of a country. It makes increase the economic and political efforts ...

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